Eric Hey is a globally aware IT Solutions Architect

As a hired gun, a key technical resource, an offshore team leader, or a partner in a startup, Eric Hey is ready to be a champion in the organization. Excels as a visionary, decision maker, advisor, or as executive management.

I provide offshore services under Xsolus, an international company I founded in 2001 to build advanced solutions utilizing off-shore resources.


Over almost two decades, utilized the latest in technologies to build custom tailored solutions for startups and small to medium sized business. Keeping on top of the latest technology trends has always been a passion of mine.


A business networking web and mobile platform for networking and lead-generation to enable entrepreneurs, businesses, and membership organizations using an advanced AngularJS, MongoDB, PHP, MQTT platform.

Seasonality Trader

From a startup, developed Java based software, HTML5 components, a web site, back office admin site, and server infrastructure to establish a unique company in the financial information industry with millions of dollars in revenue to date.


A work in progress allowing individuals and organizations to participate in a worldwide online democracy experiment using social networks.


Built originally for internal use using MySQL and object-oriented PHP, added a Google Web Toolkit front end to provide online double entry book-keeping/accounting to a variety of customers.


A skunkworks project for helping charities, NGOs, or government programs to get help on the ground where its needed.

Online Business Systems

Integration Leader and Solutions Architect for a variety of clients across the United States and Canada.


Co-founder of a focussed Tibco integration boutique consulting company with clients across the United States and Canada.

Medius Communications

After graduating from university went from intern web developer to product manager at a web development company while pioneering ideas that in retrospect have since become the foundations of many billion dollar companies.